Friday, 20 December 2013


Steak and Mushroom Loaf Pie

I love it when it gets to this time of year and there is nothing nicer to warm you up than a tasty pie. I love a good pie! Olive the versatility of the pie. Big pies, small pies, sweet and savoury.  I even have experimented with round and rectangle! Not to mention all of the different pastry options.

I stixk to short crust as I have definitely mastered this now and am pleased to say not once have I taken the pie out of the oven with a soggy bottom! 

I believe the two key things to a good pie are 1. Cooking your filling first and 2. Using a metal pie tin.

I don't use a recipe for my fillings but so far they have included steak and mushroom, streak and ale, and chicken, chick pea and chorizo.

I do however stick to this recipe for the pastry which works every time. 

250g flour
110g butter
1 medium egg
Water to mix
Pinch of salt

  • Put flour and salt in a metal bowl (metal helps keep everything cold = better pastry),
  • Rub in the butter,
  • Mix in 1 egg and use a metal spatula to bring to a dough,
  • Add a tbsp of cold water to bring all the dry bits together,
  • Quickly kneed to bring everything together, 
  • Place dough in the fridge for 20mins or so to cool down the butter again before rolling out.

Chicken and Chorizo
Steak and Ale

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