Friday, 4 April 2014

Healthy Breakfast

After Bean and I came back from our wonderful weekend at Ragdale Hall Spa I decided that my breakfast choices are always a bit boring.  I either have instant porridge or toast and homemade jam.

I don't really have time for making a cooked breakfast or faffing around with anything that needs cooking from scratch but I do like to try different things.

I found that preparing a tasty summer yoghurt porridge is a really tasty alternative to normal porridge and goes really well with all kinds of fruit and nuts.

In the evening I mix up rolled porridge oats with some natural yogurt, milk and maple syrup/honey.  I pop this in the fridge over night and the oats soak up all the milk and yoghurt and go all soft.

Add seeds, nuts, fresh fruit or dried fruit, or try fruit yoghurt or smoothie - or really anything that takes your fancy really! It's fun to try different things.

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