Monday, 17 March 2014

Colour Chart Nails

For some reason when I was a kid I really loved the dulux colour charts. I would go to somewhere like B&Q or Homebase with my parents and would always head to the colour chart section and collect them up.

I'm not really sure what my fascination with them was. Maybe my arty brain just liked the spectrums and the way they just flowed. Maybe it was my inner creativity and love for interior design coming through.

Whatever it was though, when I think back to my love of colour charts, it's no surprise that I'm loving this nail style that I did over the weekend!

I tried a similar effect in the summer with corals (here) and think this grey one works perfectly for winter.

Essie: Smokin Hot
Essie: Chinchilly
Essie: Neo Whimsical
Essie: Fiji
Rimmel:  430 Porcelain

Rimmel: Ultra Shine Top Coat