Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Getting Excited For Paris

G and I will be celebrating our 1 year Wedding Anniversary on the 4th May.  As a surprise G has booked for us to go to Disneyland Paris for the weekend.  I am so super excited, because not only will it bring back memories of our honeymoon in Disney World Florida, but we will hopefully get to pop in to the romance capital for a few hours.

I'm getting super excited about our weekend away and have been planning my wardrobe and having a look through the exiting things we could see when we pop into the city.  

I found this brill blog, Hip Paris, that has given me some inspiration.  After finding the brill markets in London the other weekend I like the idea of finding places that aren't too commercial when I visit a new city.  It's nice to find things that showcase the city for what it really is, not about the touristy attractions that everyone sees.

I love the idea of visiting the Love Lock Bridge, especially as it is a romantic anniversary trip.  The idea of adding our little padlock is exciting.

I'm also super excited by the fashion and am trying to pack cool looking outfits for the can't go to Paris and not think about your fashion for the weekend!  I found this fab boho bag on Boden that would be perfect for carrying bits around, and also am definitely needing to invest in some breton stripe tops before we head off!

Paris seems all about the stripes, scarves and big bags.  Eeeek I'm so excited.

Boho Bag, Boden

Stripes and scarves are a must for Paris

Fab outfit idea - not sure I'm quite trendy enough to pull this off