Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Going Pink...

I have always wanted a pink and grey bedroom and seeing this beautiful picture inspired me.  When I first moved into my house one of the first things I did was paint the walls didn't look great!  I was so impatient that I painted over the wall paper, left the gross dado rail running through the middle of the wall, and picked a wood paint that wasn't quite white!  The look was pretty disastrous. 

Since then G has moved in and we've redone the room with green and grey - but the girl in me is still craving a bit of pink.

I saw this article, Pink at Brimfield 2013 and was drawn in by all the amazing vintage pink finds.

This fantastic montage of pink and grey rooms on The Pink Doormat really shows the kind of look I'm hoping for. 

 Loving this quilt from John Lewis - looks so cosy

Love the idea of these bedside lamps from John Lewis.  They have a formal office look about them but I think this would add something a bit different to the bedroom.

Finally, I've always wanted to have a nice reading area in my bedroom and I think this set up featured on Urban Outfitters website showcasing this gorgeous pintuck pillow would just go perfectly.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Bright 'n colourful

One of the things that I love about Brighton is the plethora of streets that are lined with brightly coloured houses.  It isn't just one or 2 roads in one area of town either, you can be in any part of town and come across a street with brightly coloured houses.  It's really lovely and I think it is a quintessential part of Brighton's quirky, artistic nature.

Admittedly I have only lived in a few towns, but as far as I can see Brighton definitely champions fabulous rainbow streets.