Friday, 19 July 2013

Fab-tastic Friday

New look for my nails to brighten up Friday
{19th July}

Thank God It's Friday!! Really and seriously I haven't been this happy for it to be a weekend in so long.  After starting my new job 2 weeks ago I haven't really stopped.  Last weekend we had nothing planned but in the end it was one of the busiest weekends we have had in so long.

This weekend we actually have nothing planned.  I would like to visit the pop up Maze that has been created in the Brighton Pavilion Gardens, enjoy the sunshine and take some nice pictures but apart from that we have nothing planned!

It's been a good week and so I thought I would share some of the fab things that I have been loving this week.

Thanks to Sophie in the office for our mid afternoon ice cream break! FAB!

Random I know but I just love the juxtaposition in the picture of something so delicate and natural, against something so straight and man made.

My button & ribbon jars - I remember when they were empty and I never thought I would get much of a collection! 3 years later...

Just waiting and waiting to have a special occasion to use all of our new Emma Bridgewater wedding crockery.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Frame of mind

{18th July 2013}

I have always loved the way that you can group pictures together on a wall in a collage.  I think if you get it right it just makes a wall pop.  The above image is the collage wall that I have at my parents house, I was firs inspired to do this about 5 years ago after seeing the idea in a changing room in Monsoon.  It used to look so good, and over time I have taken frames away and it has diminished.  I to get this looking beautiful again so that I am inspired when I return home.

The main plan is to also create a collage wall in our living room for our wedding items.  We have the letters 'N' '&' and 'G' and a gorgeous coordinates print that my sister bought us as our engagement present which will fit perfectly on a collage wall.

Now for some of the collage walls that I am taking as inspiration....

Collage wall in Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

"Precious, precious, precious!" Gollum cried. "My Precious! O my Precious!"

 {16th July}

I have been searching for ages for the perfect dainty rings to go alongside my wedding rings and vintage gold diamond ring that was my 18th Birthday present from my parents.

I didn't want to spend loads as they aren't ones I will wear every day.  I finally found some really cute ones in Topshop today.  The tiny ring on my index finger came in a pack of 4 identical gold rings, which was only £5.50 for 4.

The ring on my little finger came in a pack of 3 (including the gold one in the below picture) only £6.50 for 3.  I am so in love with the little ring below.  I love the fact it has the little dented look, and sits so nicely halfway down my finger.

For similar ring sets try the Topshop website.

Monday, 15 July 2013

What's making me smile...

Pink Lilies - A nice Friday surprise from my Hubby
{15th July}

It's always nice to look back on what has made me smile this last week.  Sometimes I feel a bit down, not for any reason, I just feel a bit sad.  I think I have realised it is when I get bored and don't have anything fun to do.

That can't be said for this weekend just gone! I didn't even have time to breath but it made for a really brilliant weekend.  

On Friday we had a spontaneous evening at my friend Gabs house, playing on the karaoke, drinking much wine, and a midnight swim in her pool!

On Saturday we had planned to travel back to my parents house in Canterbury to rendezvous with my cousins and my maid of honour.  We had a lovely BBQ, played some croquet, dipped our toes in the paddling pool, and then spent the evening watching our wedding video that had finally arrived in the post.

On Sunday morning we woke up early so that G and my cousin could go go-karting.  G has really got into it recently and I really enjoying going along to watch, especially as the track on Sunday was outside - so I was able to sit in the sun!

Sunday afternoon started at about 12 with a call from our friend asking if we wanted complimentary tickets to Goodwood Festival of Speed for the rest of the afternoon! Um...yes!!!!  It was so brilliant, we had such a good afternoon.  The weather was glorious and I think the two highlights of the day were 1. meeting Bruno Senna (such a major crush on him!) and 2. Watching the Red Arrows aerial display at the end of the day.

There is nothing worse than being tired on a Monday morning, but there is also nothing better than knowing you couldn't possible have crammed anything else into your weekend.

New Life - Baby Olivia Chloe was born 1 month ago
We are so pleased to welcome our new 2nd cousin into the family.
The boys were ready for action in all their kit!

Yes! It's weather for a 99.
O.M.G What a hottie!

Me and one of my greatest loves - A Caterham 7

Desperately wish this was clearer - the Red Arrows drawing a heart in the sky

“The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday-but never jam today"

Blackbird Tea Rooms Brighton
{7th July 2013}

This is a slightly belated post as we actually went out for afternoon tea at the Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton, last Wednesday.

My gorgeous sister came down to spend the day in Brighton with me, having managed to finally coordinate a day that we both had off together.  We only really had 2 agendas for the day - 1. Buy some cool clothes, 2. Eat some tasty food.  As soon as I knew Bean was coming down to see me I knew I wanted to go to Blackbird.  Having been open now for a little while I still can't believe I haven't been yet.

You step back into a little piece of history.  We had booked a table, (just as well as it was super busy), and got a lovely seat in the window upstairs.  The decor is beautiful, I am soooo going to steal the bird wall paper, and they have made a real effort to source vintage furniture and crockery.

I sometimes worry that afternoon tea can be a bit 'up itself' but there was definitely no worry of this here.  The tearooms offer a variety of dishes, cakes, and sandwiches.  The Afternoon Tea at £12.50 per person comes with your choice of one of the sandwiches, a scrummy homemade scone and jam, and a selection of cakes.  As Bean and I both picked the Afternoon Tea we decided to pick different sandwiches (egg and cress, and goats cheese) and share.

There was a really good selection of teas to accompany our food - traditional to new (rosehips and hibiscus) all served loose leaf in individual vintage teapots.

One of our favourite things of the experience was the quirky loo (an outhouse in the back yard).  Vintage photos and postcards on the walls and individual hand towels made the whole thing a bit of an experience.

I would definitely recommend the Blackbird Tearooms for anyone looking for a quirky, very tasty, inexpensive lunch.