Friday, 19 July 2013

Fab-tastic Friday

New look for my nails to brighten up Friday
{19th July}

Thank God It's Friday!! Really and seriously I haven't been this happy for it to be a weekend in so long.  After starting my new job 2 weeks ago I haven't really stopped.  Last weekend we had nothing planned but in the end it was one of the busiest weekends we have had in so long.

This weekend we actually have nothing planned.  I would like to visit the pop up Maze that has been created in the Brighton Pavilion Gardens, enjoy the sunshine and take some nice pictures but apart from that we have nothing planned!

It's been a good week and so I thought I would share some of the fab things that I have been loving this week.

Thanks to Sophie in the office for our mid afternoon ice cream break! FAB!

Random I know but I just love the juxtaposition in the picture of something so delicate and natural, against something so straight and man made.

My button & ribbon jars - I remember when they were empty and I never thought I would get much of a collection! 3 years later...

Just waiting and waiting to have a special occasion to use all of our new Emma Bridgewater wedding crockery.