Sunday, 22 December 2013

Recipe: Brunch Pie

I made mince pies today and had some left over pastry.  I didn't want to throw away the rest of the pastry so I made up these tasty brunch pies.

I wanted them to look rustic so I didn't use a cutter for the pastry. I wanted the pastry quite thick as I wasn't adding a lid.

I fried together some bacon, chopped red onions and grated potato. I added freshly ground pepper and a tsp English mustard, grated cheese and stirred together.

I put the mixture in the pastry and made a hole in the mixture with a spoon so that when I cracked the egg in it didn't spill over the edges.

I cooked for about 25 minutes on 160C until the egg was completely white and not too wobbly.

These were amazing!!! The yolk was still runny and the flavours were amazing.  

I will definitely be making these again!