Saturday, 6 July 2013

I became a new form of me....

{6th July 2013}

Just over two months ago I became a new form of me.  On May 4th (yes Star Wars day) I married G, after an 18month engagement.  I had the wedding of my dreams, and despite the wind and clouds, problem with the electricity, and a drunk cousin falling off his chair, the day went perfectly.  G and I were so happy with the outcome and unfortunately the day just wasn't long enough and went by far too quickly.

I now have a new name and have almost automatically taken on a slightly new persona.  I feel different and as we are only 2 months in I am feeling a bit like I am 2 different people! The Nancy Stevens it took me 27 years to get used to, and the Nancy Hamling, who I have yet to get to know.

This blog will follow my new life as a new person, how I have dealt with the change, my job, my wedding, days out, my style and my daily rantings.  I hope to be able to inspire other people but also let people in on my thoughts and ramblings and hope people can relate.

For now I will leave you with some happy moments, from one Nancy to another....