Monday, 22 July 2013

Spontaneous Sunday

{21st July 2013}

Did you all have lovely weekends?  

I hope you managed to get out an enjoy the sunshine as much as we did.  Since starting my new job I now work 9-5.30 Monday to Friday.  In my last job I works 9-5.30 and 11.00-7.30 the next, working every other Saturday.  It puts you in such a funny position working disjointed hours.  I never felt settled and rarely had time for going out and never wanted to see anyone because I never felt like I really had time to myself.  I now feel I can be a little more spontaneous and use up the time fully.

This weekend we had nothing planned, which is nice, but also a little disconcerting as you don't want it to get to Monday and look back and think you haven't done anything. 

Sunday morning we woke up with no plans and wanting to be spontaneous.  We drove over to East Preston to visit G's parents who were house sitting for a friend.  The house is right by the most secluded beach.  The beach runs at the back of a private estate, and as such has no parking for those not living on the estate, making it tricky to get to.  We were able to walk through the estate, down some private roads and paths and find this gorgeous pebbly beach.

There were other people about but you definitely wouldn't call it busy - nothing like Brighton Beach would have been today!  We set up our deck chairs, watched the tide go out, had some ice cream, and G's mum and I went for a swim (actually quite warm!!).

FACT: Magnum Caramel is super yummy!!!

We returned home about 5.30 just in time to order a chinese, have some wine, and watch some Hannibal (the Sky Living 2013 series).

Hope you all have a brilliant Monday.

{Hat - H&M, Glasses - Culter & Gross, Necklace - Dorothy Perkins}