Monday, 22 July 2013

Sparkly Mint

{23rd July 2013}

Ooooh I love this look.  Really pleased with the result.  

I have become a real fan of Essie nail vanishes recently, they have such good tones.  This is Essie's Mint Candy Apple.  I love the colour - it is mint green but definitely has a baby blue tinge to it.

This look is really easy to achieve.  I have a tiny pot of silver glitter that seems to work really well on my nails.  I find that loose glitter works a lot better than using glitter nail vanish - this doesn't ever seem to get quite the right thickness of glitter.  I bought the glitter in a shop called Purple Heart in Brighton and it is actually a face and body glitter that I think perhaps is meant to be used for face painting!?

To create this look-

1. Paint base colour on your nails (normally 2 or 3 layers so that the colour is thick and bold).

2. Once the base colour is dry use a clear nail vanish to draw a line across the top of the nail (a bit like you would do with a french manicure).

3. Dip the tip of the nail that has been painted in clear vanish into the glitter.

4. Pat down lightly on the glitter so that it sticks into the nail vanish.

5.  Tap off any excess back into the glitter pot (always good to save wastage!)

6.  Paint a layer of clear vanish on top

et voila!