Thursday, 18 July 2013

Frame of mind

{18th July 2013}

I have always loved the way that you can group pictures together on a wall in a collage.  I think if you get it right it just makes a wall pop.  The above image is the collage wall that I have at my parents house, I was firs inspired to do this about 5 years ago after seeing the idea in a changing room in Monsoon.  It used to look so good, and over time I have taken frames away and it has diminished.  I to get this looking beautiful again so that I am inspired when I return home.

The main plan is to also create a collage wall in our living room for our wedding items.  We have the letters 'N' '&' and 'G' and a gorgeous coordinates print that my sister bought us as our engagement present which will fit perfectly on a collage wall.

Now for some of the collage walls that I am taking as inspiration....

Collage wall in Blackbird Tea Rooms, Brighton