Thursday, 3 April 2014


Are you into Girls?...not in that way?!

Girls the TV series.  It's brill.  It's the first TV series for ages that I've really enjoyed watching.  Admittedly I'm getting on this a bit late in the day, as I think they are actually already on series 4, but that doesn't make it any less brill.

It's so nice to have found a TV show that you can actually relate to.  Don't get me wrong, I loves SATC and The OC, but they sent you off into a fantasy world where real life issues were sensationalised and really, you just wanted to be as cool and skinny as them and have as much money.

They didn't really address every day issues.  Girls does (but not in a depressing way) in a light hearted, extremely well written way.

The characters are realistic and relatable and the relationships and issues are all so real.

How good is Lena Dunham at writing!? Soooo good, is the answer to that!

And as for not being afraid to have a good sex scene and get her boobs out - well good on that woman.

If you aren't already...get on Girls!