Monday, 31 March 2014

When Bean Came to Stay

Outside florian florist on western road - gorgeous Mother's Day selections
What a lovely weekend I had.  I didn't really get to see much of G but I feel like I achieved loads.  It was such glorious weather I spent the day outside on Saturday in the garden tidying, fixing the shed roof, planting some bulbs and taking a load of junk to the dump.

It feels so good to get rid of loads of rubbish and make everything a bit tidier.  I then came inside, made a cake, tidied up and hoovered the whole house.  A real spring clean!

On Saturday evening Bean came to lovely to have her over.  We didn't do anything on Saturday night apart from chat and eat a tasty thai dinner that I made, but it was just nice to have her here.

On Sunday morning we tucked into a yummy breakfast that I had prepared of yogurt, oats, rhubarb and blueberries! Very healthy and tasty.

After checking out the fab article in this months Simple Things and doing some quick Google searches we went armed with a number of different new places we could try. 

The fantastic places we found were Mr Wolfe for a tasty coffee,  Dowse for some greetings cards, Sushi Garden for some lunch and Present (only opened this week) for a look at some gifts.

Cute sign that drew us in to have a look in Dowse Gallery and Shop

Fab interior of Mr Wolfe, Montpelier Place

Bean in Mr Wolfe reading the most recent Stylist Magazine

My gorgeous new scarf and jumper from COS

Tasty Sunday special - all this for only £6.50!

Sushi garden on Preston street, Brighton