Friday, 1 November 2013

What made me smile this week

Not On The High Street Baubles - £16.95

Every week I read loads of cool blogs, find amazing things on websites and make recipes that I've found...and then I go and forget all about them and can't find them!

I thought I would share with you some of the things that have been making me happy this week.

My new beautiful boots that were only £35.00 from Next!!! Absolute bargain.  I bought them in 1/2 size too big so that I can wear them with big comfy socks in the winter.

Not On The High Street Christmas Decorations are fab fab fab!! Loving all the ideas and feeling inspired to get out the craft set and start making my own bits and bobs.

New Iphone red case from amazon - professional but fun and super cheap! Just waiting for this to arrive tomorrow.

Tasty crumble and pie in a jar from Fossil.  I love the Fossil blog and definitely am loving following the different subjects and inspiration they bring to it.

Holy Mac - these fried bananas look amazing and I will definitely be making them this week.

I am so pleased I finally got round to putting my new business venture Posh Tot Tea up on Facebook.  

And finally... if you are a cat person and want a bit of a giggle - check this out - Texts from Mittens
Western Boots - Next £35.00

Fried Bananas - Rachel Schultz

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