Monday, 28 October 2013

You know its Autumn when you start Jam Making

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Yippee! It's jam making season. Woohoo!

I have really tried to embrace the jam making season this year and am delighted with the two types of jam that I have made - both of which were from produce in mine and mum's garden - Apple and Blackberry, and Ginger and Pear (oooo so yummy!).

The best bit about jam making is if you barely have to buy anything for it, so in effect it's either a stockpile for you to use throughout the next year or several Christmas prezzies, all at very low cost.

Throughout the year I have been collecting empty jam jars and so these didn't cost a penny either!

I never realised how easy jam is....

Pop ingredients in pan,
Heat to dissolve sugar,
Put a tea plate in the freezer,
Boil for 10 mins,
Take the jam off the boil and drop some onto the tea plate - it should go solid so that when you run your finger through it wrinkles,
If it isn't set boil for another 5mins, and test again.

I have found it super easy to sterilise jam jars in the microwave and I have a brill jam funnel that makes it really easy to fill everything up.