Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Holiday Memories

Looking back over the Christmas season, it was definitely one of the best this ye.

It's the first year that G and have I spent together in our house on our own and the first time I've cooked a Christmas dinner.

Last year was a bit of a right off as G was so ill (he was signed off work for 2 months with whooping cough) and it meant that we couldn't really enjoy the season. This year, although G had to be on call so couldn't drink, we have really embraced the holidays.

We spent Christmas day on our own and then headed over to our friends for drinks, nibbles and games in the evening.  On Boxing day I headed over to my parents and G joined us on Friday night after work.

It was so fantastic to spend an extended time with my family and spend quality (shopping!) time with my mum!

I hope you all had the most fantastic holidays.