Sunday, 11 May 2014


I may have mentioned once or twice that I recently got the Meringue Girls Cookbook.  I'm loving it so much, mainly because they are actually super easy to make, and also because they are unbelievably tasty!

This weekend I decided to try my hand at a couple of different flavours; chocolate with crunchy topping, and raspberry with pink sugar topping.

I used the same technique as last time for the raspberry ones, meaning they came out very circular and delicate looking.  I sprinkled on the sugar before cooking and let them cook away for about an hour.

I used much more of a rough, 'dollop' technique for the chocolate ones, meaning they were much bigger and a bit more rustic looking.

Very pleased with the result of both and took some samples to my friend Jo and her son gobbled up 3, so I'm pretty sure I got the thumbs up from him.

p.s. thanks for featuring me on your blog Jo x