Thursday, 21 May 2015

Child talk

I heard from a speech therapist the other week that she had read an article regarding the amount we talk to our children.  According to this article, on average, children from wealthier upbringings hear 30 millions more words by the time they reach schooling age, than those of less priveledged homes.  That's not 30millioms different words, but 30 millions spoken words.

That got me to thinking how many words I speak to Noah a day.  I am constantly talking to him and he chats away to me in his gurgley coos and ahhs.  I don't talk sense sometimes and I often am probably not giving him totally the correct information, but I think it's really important to talk and to let your child join in the conversation.

Ever since I clocked myself talking all the time to Noah I have noticed other parents and the conversations they have with their children (or lack thereof, which is an unfortunate reality on my bus into town more often than not).

Whilst listening to these conversations it quite often sparks a little smile, as conversations with children can be thought provoking and genuine.  I often find new vocab is created that will probably stick with that family forever.  I thought I'd share with you some that made me smile....

Mummy to son 'blimey I'm hungerarma today'

Daddy to daughter 'no silly, I'm not sure anyone can actually live in the road'

Son to mummy 'I think You are kind and you are nice mummy', mummy back to son ' and I think you are kind and nice too alfie'