Sunday, 18 August 2013

When Friends Come To Stay...

{Sunday 18th August}

We have friends round to stay fairly often and I like to make them feel special and it would be nice to think that they enjoy coming to stay.  There is nothing I like better than going to stay in a nice hotel, so it would be nice to think that our friends have a sense of 'going away' when then come and stay with us.  I am a home bird and don't really like staying at other peoples houses so I think it's important to make people feel comfortable in your home.

I think it's the small things that make a difference.  Here are some things that I think make the atmosphere a little bit more special when someone comes to stay.

Above and below:  Light candles in fireplaces, on mantle pieces, in storm lanterns on landings, and in bathrooms.  It's nice to light scented candles but make sure the fragrances don't clash throughout the house.  Some smells can be really over powering to some people so be sure not to over do it.

Make your guests feel special.  Always tidy and clean their bedroom as much as possible and think about what bed linen you use.  Nice crisp bed linen always make someone want to snuggle up and have a good night sleep.  Dress the room with some fresh flowers and then think about the little touches.  It's always nice to leave a towel out and put out someone hotel slippers or socks for your guest.  Also remember they might not always have the same bed time as you so they might be awake for some time.  Leave them a magazine or set up a TV/DVD player with a selection of your favourite films.

Plan something fun to do with your guests.  Give your evening some focus.  If you are having a BBQ why not think about having a fire pit, or have some cards or garden games at the ready. You don't want to end up just a dwindling conversation or just watching the TV.

Make sure that tea and coffee are always made available and that you are offering at regular occasions.  Or if it is a guest who is staying for a few days make sure you let them know where the tea, coffee, milk and mugs are so they feel comfortable helping themselves.