Sunday, 27 April 2014

Burger Brothers, Whitstable

Last weekend was the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, but it was also my birthday.  We headed back to my parents house in Canterbury and spent the whole weekend with friends and family.

On Easter Sunday we headed down to Whitstable for a fantastic meal at Burger Brothers, located at the Coach and Horses, for their Sunday special BBQ and Jazz.

Um, Wow!!! It was like an amazing meat feast, just like you would get in America, but full of flavours and just down the road from home!

Admittedly it is just an ordinary, bog standard pub setting, but actually who doesn't love just chilling in the pub!  It was quite expensive for what it was and you do have to pay for the extra like chips, corn on the cob and beans, but actually you get a pretty big portion of extras, plenty to share between 2.

We ordered nachos and onion rings to start with and OMG, the onion rings were like the size of your face!!

I chose to do the make your own platter for main, so I chose 1/4 ribs, pulled pork and a slice of brisket.  All the meat was so full of flavour and it came with chips and a pot of coleslaw.  I ordered a side of tasty BBQ pit beans with chunks of meat which were very tasty, but I really didn't need that much extra food!

The crazy flavoured milk shakes for pudding were served in fab blue jam jars with hundreds and thousands around the top and tons of whipped cream

I was soooooo uncomfortable when I left after stuffing myself completely, but it was all so tasty I couldn't stop!!!