Sunday, 7 July 2013

It's like a sunset on my hands....

{7th July 2013}

Over the last 3 years I have realised the importance of being well turned out when leaving the house.  It's amazing how it makes you feel different you feel.

I don't mean having to be glam and wear dresses and heals every day.  I just mean making sure clothes are not torn, shoes are clean, hair is brushed and neatly styled, and nails are painted and not chipped.  I know it sounds obvious but it wasn't long ago that I was happy to leave the house with holes in my trousers, dirty shoes, unmatched items, and chipped nails.

Having polished, neat nails is so important for that finishing touch.  I really enjoy mixing up the looks and colours on my nails and, admittedly, do spend a couple of hours every other day making sure they are freshly polished.

I love this look that I am wearing at the moment.  It makes me feel really summery and means I get to enjoy some of my favourite colours all at once!

I am a massive Essie fan and this look combines some of my favourites (Working backwards from the thumb):

Temple Spa: No. 201
Essie: Cute As A Button
Essie: Tart Deco
Essie: Fiji
Rimmel:  430 Porcelain

Rimmel: Ultra Shine Top Coat