Saturday, 8 March 2014

Homemade Thai Feast

What a feast!!!  I was all ready for making a beef stew last Sunday night.  I headed off on Sunday afternoon, in a very hungover state, to do by 2 weekly grocery shop.  I bought everything that I had on the list, and definitely still when I left I had in my head that I was making stew for dinner.

But when I got home and unpacked the shopping I couldn't get the idea of making a thai out of my head.  I bought all of the ingredients to make a chicken and cashew nut thai red curry, but I then realised that really, a feast was all that was going to cure the hangover!

We ended up with;
  • Thai red chicken curry with cashews and mange tout
  • Satay rice noddles
  • Egg Fried rice (Uncle Ben's Mircowave!)
  • Soy and Honey glazed purple sprouting