Monday, 30 March 2015

Becoming a Mummy

On Friday 23rd May, only 4 days after posting about wanting to start a family, I found out I was pregnant - maybe I knew!

A mixture of fear, shock, and dread ran through me initially, as this certainly wasn't the plan for the next year or 2.

But I am so thoroughly delighted to say that on 30th January at 10:37 G and I welcomed our beautiful little boy Noah into our family.  I have now become one of those people who has become consumed by all things baby!

After a pretty good pregnancy, a trapped sciatic nerve for the last 2 weeks (meaning I was totally house bound), a pretty easy, drug free labour, and 8 weeks getting to grips with being a mummy, I want to start blogging again.

I absolutely adore being a mummy. I feel I  have learnt so much already and am looking forward to sharing it with you.