Monday, 29 July 2013

"If you have to question whether you need to, send one anyway"

{29th July}

Writing and sending letters and notes has seen a demise over the last decade with everyone now just sending a text or an email.  Do you get the same feeling when someone texts or emails as when someone sends you a letter or a card in the post?  I certainly don't.

Emails and texts, or a Tweet or a Facebook message, don't really require much thought or effort.  I guess maybe that's why receiving a letter or card in the post seems so much more special because you can appreciate how much effort that person has gone to.

I still believe that sending a Thank You note is imperative and that nothing really does say Thank You as well as a letter or card.  In my eyes texts, emails, Tweets and Facebook posts don't cut the mustard when it comes to Thank Yous.  

People now seem to be unsure when to send a Thank You.  Someone once said to me, if you are unsure of whether you need to send a Thank You card, and have to question whether it is needed, then send one anyway.  I can assure you that the recipient of the card will be so appreciative of the effort that has gone into it.

I think there isn't much nicer than having some beautiful stationery sets in the draw for such an occasion.  I bought these two new sets for £4.99 each in Home Sense that has recently opened in Brighton and have speedily send one on its way to our friends who played host to use over the weekend.