Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Floral Effect

{30th July}

I think I have found a new love in life - nail transfers! Oh my word I love them.  They were so easy to apply, so simple to use and look brilliant.

I have tried foil nail wraps and gel overlays, neither of which were really that successful or easy to use. These nail transfers from Amazon were exactly what I was looking for.  They are just like the old transfer tattoos you used as a child.  They came as a sheet of 20 flowers that you can then arrange as you want.  I decided to use just one flower per nail but, in the image on Amazon, by the looks of it they have used a couple.

Here's how I created this look:

  • Paint nails with 2 layers of Essie's Figi.
  • Cut out the transfer from the piece of paper
  • Drop the transfer into water for about 20 seconds
  • Take out of the water with tweezers
  • Slide off the plastic layer and place transfer down on to the nail
  • Hold in place for a minute or two and you will find the other plastic sheet gradually peels off and leaves the transfer in place
  • Once the transfers are in place and look like they have stuck paint a layer of clear vanish over the top.
  • Ta Da! beautiful nails