Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Whitstable Wonders

Outside Sundae Sundae, Harbour Street

{31st July 2013}

This week Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall visited Whitstable.  Why am I never about to see the royals visiting Kent! Grrr!  The Queen was in my home town of Canterbury a few months back and I missed her as well.

Charles and Camilla were in Whitstable celebrating the start of the Oyster Festival this week and it was fun to see Prince Charles in the Metro earlier holding up a tiny t-shirt for Prince George with 'Whitstable Oyster Festival' written on the front! How cute!

I popped over to Whitstable on Friday last week when I had a day of holiday and spend the day with Bean wandering around the shops, eating ice cream and sitting on the quay.

We had lovely ice cream from Sundae Sundae, tried on some cute dresses in the The Whiting Post, and spend some time looking in Flory & Black.

I know I live in Brighton and it is cool, but nothing every seems quite a quaint and pretty as Whitstable.  I love the beach, the fish market, the yacht club, the cute shops, and bumping into people you know.

Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to live back over in Kent with Whitstable as my local seaside town again.

Inside Sundae
Beautiful clothes in The Whiting Post, Harbour Street
Cute display in Flory & Black, Harbour Street