Monday, 11 November 2013

Wedding Tip - Confetti

I have so many things that I want to share about my wedding that I was pleased with.  Being an Event Manager I really enjoyed the whole planning process and being engaged for 22 months meant that we had a lot time to think about the details and how everything would run.

Something that has always bothered me about weddings is the chaos that surrounds the confetti throwing.  No one seems to remember to bring it, no one is ever sure when to throw it or where to stand, and the pictures never look great as most people have missed the one and only photo op!

Something that was important to me at our wedding was to avoid all of the elements and make sure that the confetti was coordinated.

We provided all of our guests with theme related bags of confetti.  This was cheap as we bought a bulk load of bags and confetti on Amazon.  

We asked everyone not to throw anything at the Church and wait until they got to the reception venue (my parents home).

The toastmaster asked everyone to line up down the drive and as we walked through everyone threw their confetti.  This meant that we had loads of shots taken my our fantastic photographer Sara Reeve, everyone knew what they were doing, and everyone had plenty of confetti to throw.

TOP TIP: Think about your confetti opportunity, ask close friends to make sure they bring enough or provide everyone with some, and make sure you have talked this through with your photographer.

Photography by Sara Reeve