Monday, 4 November 2013

60 Minute Hall Make Over

I felt totally inspired on Friday to do something a bit different with the house.

I think that the entrance hall is important and for the last 4 years that I've been in my house it's totally been missed.

The walls are covered in gross artex, but this would be a huge job to get rid of so I realised that there were a few little touches that would make the hall look more inviting without having to do a major re haul!

I replaced the light bulb (it's been out for over a year!), made a photo montage of wedding pics, painted the end wall pink to add a bit of warmth, added some fab pink and white paper pompoms (Martha Stewart website has a good description of how to make these), and stacked my Country Living, The Simple Things and wedding magazines in the alcove.

To finish it off my 'Christmas Cookie' Yankee Candle has been lit every day and is making the house smell glorious.