Sunday, 3 November 2013

Weekend Wanderings

We had had such a lovely weekend made up of birthday shopping for G on Saturday with G's parents at Dirty Harry's, NextRiver Island, followed by a tasty coffee and a quick rest of the feet in Nest

We then headed for dinner at Jamie's Italian Brighton on Saturday night with gorgeous cocktails, tasty red wine and a fantastic special of the day beef and pork rigatoni.  We headed home to watch Stricty Come Dancing and Xfactor with G's parents while tucking into some tasty Aldi Gin that I had bought G for his birthday.

On Sunday morning I treated us to a tasty pancake breakfast and then I headed out for a gorgeous walk along the seafront on Sunday morning to see the annual vintage car run.  (Fab to see the cars but soooooo windy!)

Pretty Cappuccino in Nest Cafe

Funky light in Jamie's Italian

Bramble Cocktail - Jamies Italian

American Pancakes, Mushroom, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs

Gorgeous Vintage Car on Brighton Seafront

Very Windswept on Sunday Morning
Sunglasses - Cutler and Gross , Jacket - Barbour